Design Helping All Neighborhoods Develop. 

Architecture is an essential part of everyday life. With that understanding, DesignHAND Architects believes that great Design of our environments is a right that should be accessible to all. Our goal is Helping in the efforts to rectifying today’s challenges with architecture that better fits contemporary life through a market place that is available to All. We seek opportunities in Neighborhoods and clients with varying levels of resources. In this way, all communities will have the ability to Develop.     


DesignHAND Architects is a full service DBE / MBE architectural practice based out of Baltimore City. We are engaged in every aspect of your project from concept to completion. We are strive to be:

Great Problem Solvers: We can assist in Pre-design efforts including Programming, Conceptual Designs, and Feasibility Studies through a design thinking process.  

Complete Architectural Designers: We can deliver all levels of architectural phases including Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation. 

Considerable Visualizers: We can communicate your projects through 3D imaging, Photo realistic renderings and Virtual Reality (VR) tours.   

Hard Hat Ready: We can help complete the construction of your project through Project Management and Construction Administration. 


Our process ensures that we enable the creation of environments that facilitates the desires of our clients. This process includes:

Discovery:     We work with you to gain an understanding of your desires and needs, both the philosophical

and the practical. We uncover what is important to you and focus on that throughout the life of the project. 

Envisioning:    We compose ideas through representations that capture the results of our discovery conceptually

through a design thinking exercise. 

Refinement:   We hone in on the best ideas from our collaboration efforts and develop a final concept that

becomes the spring board for final documentation and budget estimation. 

Development:  At this time we prepare formal drawings that are submitted for permit to the municipality.We also

complete the detailed construction documentation required for the builder while waiting for municipality approval.

Construction:  We provide construction administration, which ensures that the general contractor is building what

we’ve designed and has been approved by the municipality. We work together on solutions for conditions that could not have been foreseen and are in keeping with the original intent of the project.



Calvin McCargo, Jr. is the founding member and Principle of DesignHAND Architects. He has a Master's of Architecture degree from Morgan State University and over a decade of experience in the architectural field.

Mr. McCargo  has a love and passion for architecture and people. His personal goal is to help create an accessible practice that can become a household name known for excellent and inspiring architecture focused on community empowerment and development. 

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